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Pro Tip: Hydration is the key to feeling energized, staying healthy and protecting your skin from the signs of early aging.

Group Training and Workshops 

Nutrition | Fitness | Wellness

Dynamic Stretch and Mobility Class

 Boost your mobility and learn new and unique stretches. Building a consistent habit and short movement breaks into your day to open up a new world of mobility.


Nutrition Coaching Workshop

Develop an individualized plan to nourish yourself with food and self-care while providing a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment to discuss your food and body concerns.


Pre/Post-Natal Wellness Program

Safe and effective strength, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and balance movement for each pregnancy and postpartum stage.

Natasha Forrest

Combines her work as a personal trainer, nutrition, and wellness coach to foster mental and physical health strategies in individuals and communities. Her holistic approach, developed over a decade in the health and wellness industry, clears a direct path towards successful eating habits, a healthy body, and a great physique.